Bengal Spice
  Vegetables starter    
Bengal Spice Onion bhajee
Sliced onion mixed with gram flour and herbs, deep fried
  £ 2.95
Bengal Spice Vegetable samosa
Deep fried savoury pastry stuffed with mixed vegetables
  £ 2.95
Bengal Spice Daal soup
A mild flavoured lentil soup served with lemon wedges
  £ 2.95
Bengal Spice Paneer Tikka*
Fresh cottage cheese marinated with tandoori spices, cooked over charcoal
  £ 3.95
Bengal Spice Aloo Chat
Baby potatoes spiced with hot and sour sauce
  £ 2.95
  Non veg starter    
Bengal Spice Sheek Kebab*
Minced lamb spiced and grilled in the skewers in tandoori oven
  £ 3.25
Bengal Spice Shami kebab*
Tender minced lamb and split peas blended together with fresh herbs and spices
Bengal Spice King Prawn Puri*
Deliciously spiced tiger prawn served on traditional leavened bread
  £ 5.95
Bengal Spice King Prawn Butterfly
Delicately seasoned King Prawn in a crispy breaded coat
Bengal Spice Salmon Tikka*
Salmon steaks marinated with tandoori masala and green herbs
  £ 3.95
Bengal Spice Meat Samosa*
Deep fried savoury pastry stuffed with minced meat and peas
  £ 2.95
Bengal Spice Chicken Tikka*
Lamb Tikka*
Tender pieces of chicken or Lamb marinated with tandoori spices and fresh green herbs, cooked in tandoori oven
  £ 3.25
£ 3.25
Bengal Spice Mixed starter*
A selection of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab
  £ 4.95



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